Does your dog need space?

I have recently been sent a set of posters by, they are a wonderful charity who are trying to raise awareness of dogs who need extra space in public spaces. The project aims to raise awareness of dogs who...
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First Aid for Dogs

If you are experiencing an animal emergency then please stop here and call your vets for direct and immediate advice! This article is designed to help you prepare for an emergency. First aid is not a substitute for veterinary treatment...
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Do your pets hate fireworks?

With Bonfire night only two months away, I’d like to talk about firework anxiety and phobia. To be honest, we seem to have fireworks being set off throughout the year but it does get pretty intense around November 5th. There...
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Heat stroke is a killer!

Roughly 1 in 2 dogs with heat stroke will die. This is totally tragic and largely unavoidable so please have a look at my infographic below and contact your vet if you have any concerns. Some dogs are more likely...
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Wonderful Woody

Woody is a super handsome, albeit quite slobbery, Newfoundland. He is an amazing 13 years and 2 months old! Woody has certainly seen it all in his life and his owner has very kindly agreed for me to write about...
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Adopt Or Shop?

Personally I would rather adopt than shop but this really does depend on your personal circumstances and choices. I love seeing puppies for veterinary health checks and vaccinations, and have seen a lot through the Christmas period. I see fewer...
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New Year, New You, New Dog?

We’ve all done it; made promises at the start if a new year that we don’t keep. Getting a dog is no different and it is a huge commitment. There are many benefits to pet ownership and there have been...
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Deal and Sandwich vet Claire


Hi, I’m Claire and I am a veterinary surgeon working in East Kent. Having grown up locally I was delighted to be able to move home and settle near Sandwich. I love all animals but I mainly treat dogs, cat and rabbits. My lifelong passion for animal healthcare has led me to start this blog in the hope that I can interest your inner animal lover and share some fascinating stories along the way. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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