Easter bunnies

I recommend the chocolate ones!

Pet rabbit enjoying some grass. Read more to find out 10 things you should consider before getting a pet rabbit.

I love the springtime with beautiful yellow daffodils, leaping lambs and cute baby rabbits munching the fresh green grass in the fields around Deal and Sandwich. Although pets are amazing and have been shown to relieve stress, pet ownership should not be taken lightly. There are an estimated one million pet rabbits in the UK but an alarming high number of them do not have their daily needs met. If you are considering getting a pet rabbit this Spring then please consider these points:

  1. Rabbits often live for more than 10 years, they are quite the commitment!
  2. Rabbits are highly sociable animals and  should not live alone so that instantly doubles your investment. The latest PDSA PAW report estimated one rabbit to cost around £3500 over its lifetime. That’s an average of £70 per month for a pair of rabbits.
  3. Rabbits have very specific dietary and environmental needs. We recommend spaying rabbits from about 4 months old.
  4. They need annual vaccines and health checks. If their diet is incorrect then they frequently develop dental problems that can require frequent veterinary treatment.
  5. Rabbits don’t make the best pets for young children as they are naturally flighty. If they are not handled from an early age then they may never be particularly handleable.
Pet rabbit at the vets

If you are looking at getting a rabbit then why not contact your local rescue and give a bunny a fresh start. The rehoming centre will be able to help match you with a suitable companion. Find a lovely bunny here: http://www.rabbitrehome.org.uk/centres.asp


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